Sunday, March 18, 2012

Future costume: Pan Am stewardess

So I received some late graduation money from some great aunts and uncles, which instructions to get something fun with it (meaning don't get food or gas with it) get something cool.  ha.  So I went shopping with my family today and my dad told me go to into Brookstone and take a look at the back wall.  And look what I see!  PAN AM bags!!  So of course, its mine!

So of course this means a costume must follow!  I tried to get into the show and I like the premise and the actresses but the show never clicked for me.  Maybe because it was on Sunday night, and those nights were reserved for Downton Abbey and the Walking Dead.  But I hope to watch the full season when it comes out to Netlfix.  I do remember falling in love with the costumes.  Sooooo much.  I will be making the stewardess costume.

 Very excited for this one.  

When should I premiere this one?  Halloween?  possibly.  Any thought to what con I should take it to?

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