Sunday, March 4, 2012

Darth Maul February 2012

I am a huge Star Wars fan and to celebrate the re-release of Ep.1 I had to go Maul.  He is the best villain, so evil, so great.  

I started with researching Trisha Biggar's costume design sketches and concepts.  Now being female, I knew I had something to mask up top. Ha.  I created the pieces very boxy and nothing tailored.  I used many screen shots of Maul in action to get a whole concept of his costume.  I decided to do it all, to include the cloak and everything.  I was able to find a pattern that I altered to fit the look of Darth Maul. 

I used black linen, and a lighter black canvas (the actual name is escaping me right now), and the pleather for the belt.  I created the tunic, cloak, belt with front, and a black sash for around my neck.  I gathered gloves, a lightsaber, black boots, and a black skirt for everything else.  The look came together well!

This was a in process picture, I haven't attached the belt front for finished the sash for around the neck yet.  

The 2nd big hump was the makeup.  I applied a bald cap and had a friend help me a lot with the painting of my whole head.  It took around 2 hours.  And I followed various youtube videos on the makeup design. But I found you could get really creative with Maul makeup design.

I also created from scratch the horns for my whole head using the same material that I used to create my black swan crown last October.  It was super super handy.  Just organic molded the pieces to want I wanted.  Let them dry over night, painted them the next morning using acrylic paint, dry.  Then went over with Modge Podge to seal it.  And I also labeled them to the appropriate spot to my head.  The was helpful.  

It was a successful night.  I am planning to turn Darth Maul into Lady Darth Maul, because I found that having extremely long hair made it extremely hard to put under a bald cap.  But my next post will have more on that.

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